Week in Review 23 ~ 28 Nov, 2020

Week in Review 23 ~ 28 Nov, 2020

Below we provide some excerpts from our posts of the week gone by.  (Full posts accessible to subscribers only).

Monday 23 Nov, Nifty Pharma excerpt : A daily close at … level would result in .. break of the green trend line of daily chart, and likely bolster this count.

Tuesday 24 Nov, Nifty 50 excerpt : As Nifty crosses 13,000, bullish sentiment has reached …  Euphoria on business channels is fully on display…Today Nifty 50 had a small gap up.  If it is an exhaustion gap, the gap at 12,967 should be closed within a couple of days.

Wednesday 25 Nov, Dow Jones excerpt : Price needs to turn down immediately to keep this count alive.  So far, the projected pattern has been accurate, and there is no reason to change the forecast.

Wednesday 25 Nov, MCX Gold excerpt : There is a possibility the larger rally completed at 56,191….

Thursday 26 Nov, Gold USD excerpt : Neutral to bearish. 

Friday 27 Nov, Bank Nifty excerpt : Momentum is with the bulls … one of the counts below shows a possible …

Friday 27 Nov, Nifty Midcaps excerpt : Momentum is bullish..

Saturday 28 Nov, BSE Oil & Gas excerpt :  Excellent clarity and structure..