Trade / Invest Setups

Awesome High Quality Elliott Wave Setups for both Traders and Investors.

Available only to Subscribers of Premier & Enterprise Packages (not available or view-able to Free and Index only subscribers).

This is the menu option that Premier & Enterprise subscribers will see after they are logged in.

(We do not provide trade setups for Indexes though we do provide clear elliott wave counts with forecasts of probable paths the index may take.  These are in the Indexes section).

Trade / Invest Setups for stocks are typically of high quality with a probability of success of at least 70%.  Often 80%.  And sometimes even higher.

These setups are Both long & short setups, and only for individual stocks.

The number of setups vary – sometimes it could be as many as 20 in a week or as few as 2 in a week.  It depends on elliott wave patterns and what the market offers us.

On average we get about 5-10 high quality setups per week.

If setups are of 50-60% success probability, we let it pass and do not post them under Trade / Invest Setups.  We do not gamble.  We use high quality probability based on elliott wave patterns to trade or invest.