Frequently Asked Questions – Elliottwaveindia.com

Q : How will this site help me ?

A : As a trader, you need to know which direction to place your trades.  The underlying trend is important.  This site provides analysis that guides you with the underlying trend of indices.  Even short term traders can benefit by knowing which way the trend is, and which way the wind is blowing.

As an investor, when is the time to buy, and when to sell.  Many investors time their buying not-so-well, often when the market is about to turn lower.  This site provides context with clear analysis about where the index is heading.

As a Fund : Most funds look at fundamentals – Price Earning ratios, Earnings per share, etc.  But fundamentals often cannot explain swings in price because the most important aspect of the market is not considered – the psychology of its participants.  The wave principle can and does.  It also warns of corrections when 5 waves are nearing completion.  It identifies ending diagonal patterns, and triangles which can, with reasonable accuracy, warn of change of trend in index, thereby resulting in higher alpha.


Q : Are you a signal providing service ?

A : No.  We do not provide signals, but often we provide price levels at which we expect price to turn higher or lower.


Q : Do you provide intra-day tips ?

A : No.  What we do provide is Context of larger price movements.  We put price action into perspective (or context) with elliott wave counts, which puts the trader or investor into sync with the underlying trend.  When you’re in line with the underlying trend, trading with the trend even for short term traders is where it is easier to make money.


Q : How often do you send out updates on indices ?

Usually there would be about 20 ~ 25 posts a month.


Q :Do you look at the news ? Do you consider fundamental news in your analysis.

A : Not really.  We look purely at price charts.  We may glance at the headlines.  Our analysis is purely technical, and price is the main factor in our consideration.


Q : How reliable is the data provided on the charts ? What data service do you use ?

A : We use Thomson Reuters data, which we believe to be highly accurate and reliable.


Q : Which Indices do you primarily focus on ?

A : We have overseas as well as domestic subscribers.  Also, local markets do not move in isolation, and India is no exception.  But our primary focus is on Indian Indices, and especially Nifty and Bank Nifty.


Q : What is the frequency of Updates ?

A : We focus on where there are opportunities.  Some indices may not be clear, and some may have nothing new to add since the previous update.  We tend to focus on those patterns where we can add value.  See further details here.


Who we are :

We, Elliott Wave India, are an independent firm specializing in pattern recognition and index forecasting.  We have many years experience in analyzing and trading the financial markets, both in India and Globally.  Our expertise lies in Technical Analysis, primarily the Elliott Wave Principle as discovered by R.N. Elliott and consolidated into a book by the same name written by Frost & Prechter.

For our analysis, we rely primarily on the Elliott Wave Principle in conjunction with other technical tools like MACD, Trend Channels support & resistance levels, Fibonacci retracments & extentions, and Keltner channels.

We use an independent charting software and Thomson Reuters market data.

We do not post on Youtube, Twitter, or Telegram.  We do not advertise either online or offline.  We do not market our service with pesky phone calls.  Occasionally we may send marketing mails .. which are few and far between.

We are traders first.  We do not focus on marketing, or trying to convince potential subscribers.  Because of the quality of our analysis, over 80% of our subscribers stay with us for extended periods.

What we do provide is high quality analysis with Charts.  That’s it.  And in easy to understand english.

Whether you are an investor, or trader specializing in either short term or positional trading, this site is likely to be useful.