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July 1, 2018

We have received several questions about which charting software we use, and whether our counts are automated or manual.

  • The software we use is from a Canadian company called Motivewave.  They offer a 14 day free trial period here.
  • They also have different editions of their software at different price points. See here.
  • They have an Elliott wave specific edition here, and a fibonacci specific edition here.
  • Their Home page is here.
  • We purchased the Ultimate edition.
  • We will link to them on our site for future reference.

Important Point : This is a Charting platform with plenty of useful tools for technical analysis. (Not just elliott wave).  But… It does NOT include data feed of prices for companies or indexes.  For that, you need to use a different data provider.  They have a list of data providers that they integrate with.  We think Google, and maybe Yahoo, are the only free ones, but please double check about that.

(For Indian markets, the following are the data providers that integrate with Motivewave – Metastock Xenith, Interactive Brokers, Global Data Feeds, True Data, Google, and maybe Yahoo).

In our experience, for Elliott Wave analysis Motivewave is probably the best charting software available.  We love it.  It is everything we need in a charting platform.

If interested in purchase of any of their editions, they offer support for a limited period (future versions for a limited time are updated for free etc), but kindly read their terms and conditions.

Lastly, in response to the query about whether our counts are manual or automated : All our counts are manual.  While motivewave does have an automated count, we gave up trying to use it many years ago, as we did not find it accurate.  According to Motive Wave, the auto analyze feature can be used to speed up your own analysis, but is not meant to replace it.

For those interested in charting, sign up for your 14 day free trial by clicking on the logo below.






Disclaimer : We are currently an affiliated partner of Motivewave.  We used them earlier for many years without being affiliated to them in any way and found them to be excellent.