Charting Software

We have received several questions about which charting software we use, and whether our counts are automated or manual.

  • The software we use is a Canadian company called Motivewave.  They offer a 14 day free trial period here.
  • They also have different editions of their software at different price points. See here.
  • They have an Elliott wave specific edition here, and a fibonacci specific edition here.
  • Their Home page is here.
  • We purchased the Ultimate edition.
  • We will link to them on our site for future reference.

Important Point : This is a Charting platform with plenty of useful tools for technical analysis. (Not just elliott wave).  It does NOT include data feed of prices for companies or indexes.  For that, you need to use a different data provider.  They have a list of data providers that they integrate with.  We think Google, and maybe Yahoo, are the only free ones, but please double check about that.

We are currently an affiliated partner with Motivewave.  Earlier, we used Motivewave for many years, and found them to be an excellent software.  We got affiliated with them recently because of their high quality and service.  They have virtually all the tools available any elliott wave practitioner should need.

Lastly, we choose to do all of our counts manually, but MotiveWave does have automatic Elliott Wave tools available.

For those interested, sign up for your 14 day free Motivewave trial by clicking here

(This is not a trial for elliottwave india.  Elliott Wave India does not offer a trial period).