Too many holidays ? India vs the World

Today being a stock market holiday, we thought it would be interesting to list the number of stock market holidays for major exchanges around the world, and see how they compare with India.

There were definitely a few surprises.

No surprise, India has the maximum no. of stock market holidays at 17.  (Note these are just holidays that fall on weekdays in India in 2019.  We haven’t counted the holidays that fall on weekends.)

Free-wheeling Hong Kong (which has zero Capital Gains Tax) had the 2nd most at 15.

To our surprise, the 2 main bourses of Europe – London and Frankfurt had just 8 holidays in 2019.

To our even greater surprise, the supposed haven of socialism in Europe, i.e. Paris, had the least number of holidays at 6 .. plus 2 half days on 24th and 31st Dec, but basically 6.   Repeat .. 6 …  India has almost 3 times that !!

As expected, the U.S. had just 9 stock market holidays…. virtually half the number of India.

Here is the list of countries with no. of stock market holidays for the year 2019 (from max to min).

India : 17

Hong Kong : 15

U.S. A : 9

U.K : 8

Germany : 8

France : 6

Really, should we be shutting our markets this often ?