Revamp of Trade Setup Section

Since beginning of December 2019, for convenience of subscribers, we have completely revamped the Trade Setup section, also known as “Stocks to watch or trade”.

It is now provided in a table format with complete clarity about which elliott wave pattern is relevant for each setup.

There are 3 setups we deal with.

The highest probability setup is the “5 wave Impulse Wave setup”, followed by “Ending Diagonal setup”, and then “End of Triangle setup”

  • 5 wave impulse wave
  • Ending Diagonal
  • End of Triangle

There is also a column for “Remarks” to explain in brief for which wave the setup is for.  For a detailed analysis of levels to buy (or sell), stop loss, and target, as well as the chart with commentary, the link for the stock needs to be clicked on.

This is what it looks like.  The stocks have been redacted for this general blog post, but is of course available to all Premier Subscribers under the stocks to watch or trade menu option.