Personalized Coaching

For those interested in online personalized coaching in Elliott Wave Analysis and Technical Analysis, please send an email to with the following details about yourself :

Full name, Age, Town / City, and Mobile No :

Experience using technical analysis (in months or years) :

Current strategy or indicators used (if any) :

Current Charting Platform used (if any) :

Total Capital employed for trading and investing : (An honest answer helps us to understand you as a trader, and what methods or solutions could work with respect to your particular situation).

  • One to one coaching, or at most 2 persons together.
  • Course Fee : Rs. 30,000 for 8 sessions.
  • Session Duration : 1 hour each.
  • Elliott Wave Theory & Practical Application

    • Impulse Waves (detailed rules and guidelines.  How real life waves sometimes differ from theoretical knowledge).
    • Leading Diagonal (rules and guidelines)
    • Ending Diagonal (rules and guidelines)
    • Extensions & Truncations
    • Corrective Waves (Zigzags, Flats, Triangles).  This is especially important and is covered in tremendous detail.  Markets spend more time in corrective patterns than in impulsive patterns.  Identifying corrections properly cannot be under-estimated.
    • Double & Triple Corrections
    •  Orthodox Tops & Bottoms
    • Guidelines of Wave formation (Alternation, depth of corrective waves, behaviour following 5th wave extensions, wave equality, channeling, throw over, scale, the right look, wave personality).

    If time permits, then the following will also be covered.

    • Rectangles / Ranges
    • Ascending Triangles
    • Head & Shoulders

    Best efforts will be made to introduce real life charts of indices or indian companies that show particular and relevant patterns to the course study.

    Sessions will be conducted twice a week outside of market hours.