Covid Waves Part 8

Covid Waves Post No 8. As on Wed 29 Dec 2021.

This post deals with Covid in the U.S. and India.

This is one subject we had hoped never to re-visit on this site.  But with an explosion of new cases per day to above 500,000 in the U.S., it looks like we will have to wait for a while before Covid is a horror of the past.

For those new to the subject, elliott waves are not confined to the financial markets.  They are used to explain human behavior, natural phenomenon, and a combination of human and natural.. so basically, they explain Life.

By no means are events pre-ordained.  Waves can be bent or disregarded, or patterns can fail.  What they do show is tendencies or probabilities, not certainties.

U.S. Covid Cases : The massive spike shows the wave count in a most unwanted 3rd of 3rd to the upside.  We will not get into figures, but this could become much worse very fast.


Even if elliott waves are disregarded, the ascending triangle pattern shows that the covid count has vaulted over resistance at the 290K - 300K level with a huge gap up to 505K.  This is a deeply troubling sign.  One can only hope it is a false break-out.


Covid in India : So far, the new cases per day has remained below 8,000, though a significant spike has already begun in metro cities.

The chart below shows if a breakout occurs above the trend line, and if it crosses 8,000, that could be the 1st sign India too will see an explosion of cases.