Covid in India & Elliott. Part 7.

Covid in India & Elliott Waves.  Part VII. As on Thurs 24 June 2021. Last official count 51,000 New Cases / day.

Bottom line : The first thing to be thankful for is a 5 wave pattern did not appear.  The entire horrendous, mis-managed, and mis-governed rally was in 3 waves.

The 423% fibonacci extention at 414,000 / day turned out to be a peak.

Covid could move in cycles or a range for many months without providing a clear wave count.  If the daily count figure exceeds and remains above the 1st wave top of 97,000, we could have a look at this chart again.

The hope is the new case count would remain in a range for a few months and then go down to almost nothing, as a larger percentage of our population gets vaccinated.