About Us

We, Elliott Wave India, are an independent firm specializing in pattern recognition and index forecasting.  We have many years experience in analyzing and trading the financial markets, both in India and Globally.  Our expertise lies in Technical Analysis, primarily the Elliott Wave Principle as discovered by R.N. Elliott and consolidated into a book by the same name written by Frost & Prechter.

For our analysis, we rely primarily on the Elliott Wave Principle in conjunction with other technical tools like MACD, Trend Channels support & resistance levels, Fibonacci retracments & extentions, and Keltner channels.

We use an independent charting software and Thomson Reuters market data.

We do not post on Youtube, Twitter, or Telegram.  We do not advertise.  We do not market our service with pesky phone calls.  Occasionally we may send marketing mails .. which are few and far between.

We are traders first.  We do not focus on marketing, or trying to convince potential subscribers.  Because of the quality of our analysis, over 80% of our subscribers stay with us for extended periods.

What we do provide is high quality analysis with Charts.  That’s it.  And in easy to understand english.

Whether you are an investor, or trader specializing in either short term or positional trading, this site is likely to be useful.