Tata Power Elliott wave

Tata Power Elliott wave Short Term Update

Tata Power Elliott wave : CMP 90.80

Our previous post of Tata Power was on 1 Dec 2017, CMP 90.35.  So we’re at the same level now – big deal.  Not quite ! We were awaiting a move to apprx 87 for an entry before price starts climbing again.  Yesterday 6 Dec, price obliged by falling to 87.15.  With reasonable confidence, we can say that we are looking upwards in a wave 3 (or C) to 107-109.

Due to this being a high probability setup, i’m afraid we jumped the gun a bit and entered the trade on 5 Dec at 89.30 (yes, should’ve waited).  Pls check previous post pasted below this chart (do see the level marked at 61.8% on previous chart and check where price actually ended its downturn).

Tata Power Elliott wave

Tata Power 1 Hour chart. Low at 87.15 Dec 6, 2017.


Previous post : 1-Dec-2017 : Tata Power Elliottwave Count : CMP 90.35

Tata Power is in large scale triangle (not shown).  Within this triangle, 5 waves are visible to the upside from 81.60 to 96.90.

This is a high probability trade setup.

We will now be trading for wave 3 which should reach 107-109.  61.8% Fibonacci retracement of this 5 wave move works out at approx 87 which makes a decent entry point.  Risk management level must be maintained at 81.  Cautious traders could wait for a further small 5 wave up as further confirmation before entry.

This is not a buy and hold trade.  It is a trade lasting a few weeks.  Once target is achieved, then exit is required.

Tata Power Elliottwave Count
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